This project is set to cultivate Asian intellectuals and professionals who are equipped with a global outlook, world-class knowledge of AI, and real problem solving capabilities. This initiative brings together a consortium of four universities (UniMAPUY, HDU, PKNU) to establish a new educational model for international AI industry-university collaboration by complementary utilising each university’s strengths in AI research and education, its collaborative network with industry, and its practical fields in the region. This program is not only aimed at developing talent but also serve as a bridge to Asia countries, leading the way towards the Society 5.0 and DX.

Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP)

Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) Pauh Putra, 02600 Arau, Perlis, Malaysia

Year Established : 2001

Overall Students : About 13,000
International students : About 500

Tel : +604 - 941 4224
Email : pendaftar@unimap.edu.my

Centre of Excellence focusing on Research:

➢Centre of Excellence Advanced Sensor Technology (CEASTech)
➢Centre of Excellence For Renewable Energy (CERE)
➢Advanced Communication Engineering (ACE) Centre of Excellence

➢Centre of Excellence Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)
➢Centre of Excellence for Frontier Materials Research (CFMR)
➢Centre of Excellence for Biomass Utilization
➢Centre of Excellence Automotive and Motorsport (MOTECH)
➢Sport Engineering Research Centre (SERC)
➢Centre of Excellence Social Innovation And Sustainability


Electronic Engineering & Technology
➢Electrical Engineering & Technology
➢Mechanical Engineering & Technology
➢Civil Engineering & Technology
➢Business & Communication
➢Chemical Engineering & Technology

University of Yamanashi (UY)

University of Yamanashi (UY)4-4-37 Takeda, Kofu-shi, Yamanashi-ken 400-8510 JAPAN (Kofu Campus)
University of Yamanashi (UY)1110 Shimokato, Chuo-shi, Yamanashi-ken 409-3898 JAPAN (Faculty of Medicine Campus)

Year Established : 2002

Overall Students : About 5,000
International students : About 250

Tel :
055-252-1111 (Kofu Campus)
055-273-1111 (Faculty of Medicine Campus)    

University of Yamanashi A3I Website


➢Faculty of Medicine,
➢Faculty of Engineering
➢Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences

Master Programs:  

➢Graduate School of Biomedical Science
➢Graduate School of Nursing Science
➢Graduate School of Engineering
➢Graduate School of Life and  Environmental Sciences 

Hangzhou Dianzi University (HDU)

Hangzhou Dianzi University (HDU) No. 1158, No. 2 Road, Xiasha, Hangzhou, Zhejiang,China

Year Established : 1956

Overall Students : About 25,000
International students : About 1,000

Tel : +86-571- 86878576/86873869/86878616

Bachelor Program:

Mechanical Design and Manufacturing & Automation
➢Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering
➢Electronic and Information Engineering
➢Telecommunication Engineering
➢Medical Information Engineering
➢Computer Science and Technology
➢Software Engineering
➢Biomedical Engineering
➢Measuring & Control Technology and Instruments
➢International Economics and Trade
➢Business Management
➢Chinese International Education

Master program:

➢Mechanical Engineering
➢Electronic Science and Technology
➢Information and Communication Engineering
➢Computer Science& Technology
➢Software Engineering
➢Digital Media Technology
➢Applied Economics
➢Business Management
➢English Language and Literature

Doctoral programs:

➢Mechanical Engineering
➢Electronic Science & Technology
➢Computer Science& Technology
➢Cyber Space Security

Pukyong National University (PKNU)

Pukyong National University (PKNU)45, Yongso-ro, Nam-Gu, Busan, Korea

Year Established : 1996

Overall Students : About 24,000
International students : About 1,500

Tel : +82 51-629-4114

Pukyong National University A3I Website:

Doctoral programs:

➢University of Humanities and Social Sciences
➢University of Natural Sciences
➢University of Business Administration
➢University of Engineering, University of Fisheries Sciences
➢University of Environmental and Marine Sciences and Technology
➢7 Colleges including Future Convergence University, General Graduate School and 6 Particularised Graduate Schools
➢1 Specialised Graduate School