" The program involve international travel and interaction with students from different countries can foster cultural understanding and global awareness. I also able to build global of contacts with different country students. Besides, I also gain new knowledge including both theoretical and practical skill regarding AI. "

Nutveesa A/P Verak, Computer Engineering
Short Summer Program August 2023 in Hangzhou Dianzi University, China

" The experience was an eye opening, I gained a lot of new knowledge about AI, japanese culture, and friends from Korea,China and Japan throughout this program. The thing that was most beneficial that I learnt from this program is we can always create an opportunity for ourselves and others by contributing to the society and our country by developing or inventing technology that can help human to lessen our burden in our daily lives. I think this is the beneficial things that I learn because I noticed that Japanese tends to invent a technology even if it is a simple task to assist people, like for an example, they invent a vending machine that takes your order just by inserting money in it and print out your order without any human interaction, this invention lessen the time for your order and requires zero human force to do. "

Obre Dylan Donal, Computer Engineering
Short Summer Program August 2023 in 
University of Yamanashi, Japan

" Because I'm Malaysian Chinese, I've had contact with Chinese culture since I was young, so I'm really interested in Chinese culture, and China is one of the countries I yearn for. During the entire journey to China, the biggest gain for me was experiencing the local culture immersively. I can walk on the country road at day time; I can see the skyscrapers with different lighting at night; I can eat the food that I used to watch on TV shows; I can experience the public transport there; and so on. The locals are very friendly; they will recommend us places that are fun, food that is delicious, and transportation that is convenient. They treat us like their closest friends and families, as if we already knew each other. The most beneficial thing about the programme is that I meet friends from all over, and we get social media accounts from each other so we can still have connections after we return to our own country. I can't deny, I gain more that what I had expected: insight, true friend, happiness. I will definitely visit to China again, the country is beautiful because of the beautiful people and scenery there. "

Nerys Yew Zi Xuan, Electrical Engineering
Short Summer Program August 2023 in Hangzhou Dianzi University, China

" 9 days of culture tour in Hangzhou which is a city with full of culture and history is a very excellent experience. Thank you Hang Zhou Dian Zi University (HDU) for giving us this opportunity to experience the chinese culture in Hangzhou, China such as chinese kungfu, chinese calligraphy, chinese traditional clothing and so on.

The culture program and the arrangement by HDU is superb nice especially teacher Wu Joy spending her time to accompany us for the 9 days activities. We really enjoyed! During these days we have visited to silk, chinese grand canel museum, chinese museum of sword, scissor and umbrella and company tour such as Zhejiang Media Group, Joyoung and Libiao.

In the past few days of visiting Hangzhou, I was deeply amazed by the beautiful scenery in the city and the unique of culture. As I know, Hangzhou is also known as a city of love, the story of The White Snake and Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai all come from here. The tranquility and the history of the West Lake will always in the depths of my mind. Every scene is like a refreshing painting. Besides, communicating with local chinese people also gave me a better understanding of Hangzhou's lifestyles and values. This cross-cultural exchange is one of the most rewarding parts for me. 

Beside meeting the students from HDU (China), I also make friends with the students from Pukyong National University (Korea) and University of Yamanashi (Japan), and we got to know each other about their local cultures. 

In short, I have unlocked new skills, new experiences, new friends, new games, new languages and culture understanding. Honestly, this is my 1st time to Hangzhou and also China. It made me deeply feel the charm and cultural heritage of the city, broadened my horizons, and brought me unforgettable memories and valuable experiences. 

Definitely will come to visit this memorable city again! 

Thank you UniMAP and also HDU! "

Yap Jia Er, International Business
Short Summer Program August 2023 in Hangzhou Dianzi University, China

" First of all, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to UniMAP for giving me the opportunity to participate in this program in South Korea. My dream was always to study abroad, but due to the high costs, I had to abandon that dream. I didn't want to burden my parents, so I enrolled at a government university. During my time at university, I worked very hard, maintained good grades, and planned my studies because I hoped for a chance to study abroad as an exchange student. Before this opportunity, I actively participated in international short-term programs because I love travelling, making friends, and challenging myself with new experiences. This is my second time participating in an international short-term program, and when I found out I got this opportunity, I was genuinely thrilled. 

During my time in South Korea, I received so much help from the locals, and their kindness made me fall in love with this country. I've also made many new friends and learned so much. I'm not afraid of any challenges, and this program has brought me many valuable experiences. As the day to leave Korea approached, I felt deeply reluctant because I really love this country. On this journey, I've become a more independent person, braver in facing challenges, made many foreign friends, and discovered many new things. South Korea is an advanced country filled with rich cultural experiences, and it's truly captivating. Moreover, I believe that as long as we work hard and strive for our dreams, we can contribute to Malaysia's progress, and Malaysia can become an advanced country like South Korea.

After returning home, I've made the decision to study even harder, and I hope that in the future, I'll have the chance to come back to South Korea, this time as a exchange student to learn more about this beautiful country. I've also started self-studying Korean because I believe that with dedication and preparation, we can make our dreams come true, because everything starts from zero, opportunities are for those who are prepared. This program has changed me in many ways, helping me understand my inner self and motivating me to become a better student. Lastly, I want to express my gratitude to UniMAP and the lecturer for this opportunity. This university has given me a chance and the beginning of my dreams. My dream will motivate me to study even harder; this is a promise I've made to myself. "

Low Keat Lin, Electronic Engineering
Short Summer Program August 2023 in Pukyong National University, Korea

" It was a wonderful program where I widened my international relationships with others from different countries. The program broadened my academic horizons and enriched my knowledge about Korean culture. I learned the invaluable lesson of independent value, emphasising adaptability and resilience in navigating new environments and embracing diverse cultures. I greatly appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed the entire journey. "

Tiu Hui Wen, Biomedical Electronic Engineering
Short Summer Program August 2023 in Pukyong National University, Korea

" Exposure to a new environment. Once in a lifetime opportunity & experience. Experience new system of learning there. Get exposed to a new culture. Learn a new language. Develop new interests. Make new friends and develop new relationships. "

Nur Farisa Hadirah Binti Roslaidi, Agricultural Engineering
Short Exchange Mobility Program February 2023 in University of Yamanashi, Japan

" The A3I program was a part of the Asia Applied Artificial Intelligence which was a real problem solving driven artificial intelligence education program and aimed to promote cultural exchanges. This was my first time participating A3I program which in this program I had the chance to go China to explore their culture. During my 10-day trip in China, I experienced immense happiness as I formed meaningful connections with friends from Korea, Japan, and China. While my return to Malaysia is inevitable, I hold the sincere hope that we can maintain our friendships and stay in touch through all the social media. I'm deeply grateful to my UniMAP friends for their care and support during our journey, and I must express my appreciation for Dr. Nasrun, who proved to be an exceptionally friendly and approachable lecturer throughout our adventure. 

By participating in this culture program I really gain a multitude of benefits. It's a transformative journey that allows me to immerse myself in different cultures, gain a global perspective, and enhance their language skills. Beyond academics, I also gain the experience that fosters personal growth, independence, and adaptability, strengthening one's interpersonal and cross-cultural skills. Besides, through this exchange programs it helps me to build valuable networks, boost resumes, and provide unique academic opportunities. The memories and experiences gained are personally fulfilling myself and contribute to a deeper appreciation for diversity and a broader worldview. 

Ultimately, this culture programs prepare individuals like me to be global citizens, equipping me with the skills and perspectives needed to thrive in an interconnected world and opening doors to international career opportunities. Lastly, I really want to thank all the lecturers for giving me this golden chance . It is just like winning a lottery, I feel like I am so lucky. I really hope that I will be chosen next time to join this cultural program. It was a great and beneficial program which I definitely will join in future. Thank you. "

Leong Mei Shan, Electrical Engineering
Short Exchange Mobility Program August 2023 in Hangzhou Dianzi University, China

" Before joining this summer program, I also participated in short mobility program and I can confidently say that both experiences have had a profound and positive impact on me.This program was nothing short of extraordinary.

I had the privilege of immersing myself in the serene beauty of other country and exploring its unique culture. From the stunning natural beauty of Japan's landscapes to the genuine warmth of its people, every moment was a new discovery. I made friends from Korea, Japan, and China, forging lasting bonds that transcended border. My time in Japan was filled with countless memorable moments. These experiences broadened my horizons and left me with a profound appreciation for the lesser-known aspects of other country's culture.

But it wasn't just about learning and exploring; it was about personal growth. This experience pushed me out of my comfort zone, enhancing my social skills in ways I never imagined. I learned to adapt, communicate, and thrive in a culturally diverse environment.

One remarkable aspect of this program was the opportunity to delve into the world of AI and deep learning. Learning about AI in the University of Yamanashi added a fascinating dimension to my experience, opening doors to cutting-edge technology and innovation.

After this program, I am inspired to continue my studies abroad, especially in the field of AI. This place has captured my heart, and I want to delve even deeper into its culture, language, and the exciting world of artificial intelligence. This program was a life-changing chapter that I will forever treasure. It not only equipped me with language skills, cultural insights, and AI knowledge but also with friends and memories that will last a lifetime. "

Nur Farahin Binti Arifin, Biomedical Electronic Engineering
CAMPUS Asia Plus Short Mobility Program 2022 in UniMAP 
Short Exchange Mobility Program August 2023 in University of Yamanashi, Japan