The program provides a dual-degree program that enables students to acquire a broad international outlook, reliable AI technology, and advanced application skills.

Students pursuing the dual-degree program are required to participate in a short program (10-14 days) and mid-long term program (4 months or more) through on-site study, flipped classroom online course, summer school (10-14 days) conducted in a hybrid style, as well as domestic/overseas internships, all of which involve working on a thesis under the joint instruction of a supervisor from the home and host universities.

The dual degree programs with UY, PKNU and HDU have been designed in accordance with the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Education Malaysia, to cater to the specific requirements of the collaborating universities. While there is currently one active MoA for a PhD Dual Degree program with UY, proposals for the Dual Degree Programs listed below are currently being reviewed by the University's Senate Committee.

Dual Master Degree

One semester of study is required for the master's degree

1. Dual Degree Program for MSc with UY
2. Dual Degree Program for MSc with PKNU

Dual Doctor Degree

One year of longer study is required for the doctoral degree

1. Dual Degree Program for PhD with UY
2. Dual Degree Program for PhD with PKNU

The proposed agreements stipulate that students can only enroll in a Dual Degree program that is in the same or a closely related field of engineering offered at both their home and host universities. 

To ensure consistency and adherence to the curriculum structure of the dual degree program, students will be required to study courses determined by the home and host universities, and credit transfer percentages will be subject to the rules and regulations of the institutions. 

Furthermore, the appointment of supervisors will involve a main supervisor from the home institution and a co-supervisor from the host institution, and students will be required to study and conduct research with the host institution for at least one semester or six months. 

To provide flexibility, online meetings, discussions, conferences, symposiums or recorded research activities may count towards the residency period. Students will be required to submit a dissertation for each institution, with overlapping content but meeting the specific requirements of each institution.

UniMAP has outlined several requirements for dissertation submissions as follow:

1.  Attending the Postgraduate Orientation Program
2.  Attending the Thesis Writing Workshop
3.  Passing the English Placement Test
4.  Passing Research Methodology Course
5.  Passing the Proposal defense
6.  Passing the pre-viva presentation

7.  Students must publish their research work before submitting their thesis, and for MSc students, the cumulative publication score must be 5 points, while for PhD students, it must be 10 points, as per Table 1's scoring system.

Students who participate in the dual degree program from UY, HDU, and PKNU and fulfill these requirements while at their home universities can transfer their credit and points to UniMAP.

Once students fulfill all the terms of the graduating requirements set by both institutions, they will receive two interlocking scrolls issued by the home and host institutions. The linking statement connecting the two awarded scrolls should be noted on the scrolls. Students enrolled in this program will only be charged the current study fees set by their home institution.

For more information, visit UniMAP Center For Graduate Studies

In the year, Centre for Graduate Studies (CGS) was known as Postgraduate and Research Program Unit which was formed on 1st April 2003 to conduct and develop the graduate studies programs and at the same time managed research activities through short term research grants.

This unit was then divided into Postgraduate Unit and Research and Development Unit (R&D) where Postgraduate Unit focused only in offering courses and the intake of postgraduate students. After 6 years, the Postgraduate Unit was upgraded to Centre for Graduate Studies on the January , 1st 200 with a bigger and more important role towards increasing the amount of postgraduate and ensuring the quality of postgraduate studies in UniMAP.
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