The short Summer Program was held from 6th – 18th August 2023, at Hangzhou Dianzi University (HDU),China.

Open Ceremony & Campus Tour

At the beginning of the opening ceremony, Vice President Lu Jinhai expressed his sincere welcome to the students and made a brief introduction of HDU’s education situation. Xu Gang, deputy dean of the School of Computer Science, introduced the general situation of the development of the School of Computer Science. Whereas the program introduction was briefed by teacher Joy. After that, there's a HDU campus tour and visited the Hangzhou Asian games fencing competition venue at HDU campus and had an ice breaking game there. Everyone formed a circle, brimming with joy and harmony. These games assisted everyone quickly get to know each other.

Chinese Tea Culture and Tea Art Experiencing

The lecturer introduced the significant importance of tea in Chinese culture "Tea Culture" class. She pointed out that for the Chinese, tea is not just a beverage but also a spirit and a way of life. Students listened attentively, and the appeal of tea culture began to develop unnoticed in this classroom.

To provide the students with a more hands-on experience of tea, the teacher brought in some tea tree branch samples.
 Besides, the lecturer personally demonstrated the traditional Chinese tea-making process from the ancient times.

West Lake Tour: 

The tour guide passionately described various myths and traditions about West Lake, lending the region an air of mystery and historical significance. The journey to West Lake allowed us to recognise the natural beauty of China's landscapes while also expanding our understanding of Chinese culture and natural wonders

Chinese Language Class and  Chinese Food Culture 

The students learnt several proverbs, geography, and Chinese culture in the first class taught by Teacher Zhang, a native speaker. Most of the time, students discuss about the cultural contrasts between Malaysia and China with teacher Zhang. Throughout the class, they also learned about the symbolism associated with Chinese dishes, particularly during festivals and special occasions. The lecturer told stories of history and superstition, linking the meal to China's cultural tapestry.

Museum Tour: Chinese Silk Museum, Hangzhou Southern Song Dynasty Guan Kiln Museum

Visiting the Chinese Silk Museum and the Hangzhou Southern Song Dynasty Guan Kiln Museum was a rewarding journey through time and culture, providing insight into ancient China's intriguing history and artistry

The Grand Canel Tour: Chinese Grand Canel Museum, Chinese Museum of Sword, Scissors and Umbrella

The part on swords was an interesting tour through the evolution of ancient Chinese weaponry. The complex blade patterns and gorgeous hilts was overwhelming. Each sword had its own story, whether it was linked to a legendary warrior or a certain historical period. These weapons' craftsmanship and beauty were breathtaking, showing the mix of practicality and aesthetics in Chinese sword-making. 

The Xixi Wetland National Park tour: 

The tour of Xixi Wetland National Park was more than just a sightseeing excursion; it was an opportunity to reconnect with nature, to appreciate the cultural history entwined with these wetlands, and consider on the importance of conservation in a quickly changing world. 

Light Show + Metro

The light show began, and it was a symphony of colors and shapes that painted the night sky. The lights danced, twinkled, and flickered in perfect harmony like the music and narration. It was as if the sky itself had become a canvas for a mesmerizing display of artistry and technology. 

Countryside tour: Jinshan Village, Yuhang

The visit to Jinshan Village in Yuhang was a calm and fascinating countryside journey that gave a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of city life. The rustic charm and natural beauty of this calm community captured me from the moment I arrived.

Chinese Collagraphy Art and Experiencing

The lecture started with an overview of the history and significance of Chinese collagraphy. The students discovered that this technique has ancient roots in Chinese culture and had been employed for both artistic and functional purposes. Calligraphy writing was a careful and meditative procedure. 

Visit to Enterprises, Joyoung

It was a monument to the multiplicity of abilities and expertise required to make a firm succeed, from research and development rooms bursting with creativity to factory floors filled with precision machinery.

The Closing Ceremony

The ceremony began with speeches and acknowledgments, in which organisers, sponsors, and participants expressed gratitude and reflected on the significance of the event. These comments frequently conveyed a message of gratitude for everyone's efforts and the event's influence on individuals and communities. Teachers Ma from UY and Dr. Nasrun from UniMAP both presented heartfelt speeches.

Food gallery !

Explore different flavours and ingredients, inspiring culinary adventures of China !