The Short Program was held from 7th – 17th August 2023, at Pukyong National University (PKNU), Korea.

Campus Tour !

Participants had the opportunity to explore and familiarise themselves with all the exceptional facilities that PKNU University had to offer. 

Tea Culture Temple Experience

Tea culture, also known as "茶道" in Chinese or "차도" in Korean. In Korea, tea culture holds significant influence, and Koreans, like Chinese people, have a deep love for tea. Through this activity, students not only gained insight into Korean culture but also got a glimpse into the daily lives of Koreans, allowing them to understand the cultural differences between Chinese and Korean tea traditions, which was a valuable experience for their project. Moreover, this activity fostered closer relationships between the Malaysian team and teams from other countries. They had more interactions and learned more about the tea culture of other nations as well.

Korean Class

The teacher introduced them to the structure of the Korean script and taught them how to read the characters. They learned how to introduce themselves in Korean and practice in different groups. Besides they learn how to write and recognise the Korean characters and picked up some useful everyday Korean phrases, which proved to be very helpful in the days that followed.

K-pop Dance

They went to famous dance studio where even members of the renowned Korean group BTS had once studied dance, making it quite prestigious. The experienced female dance instructor at the studio prepared two popular Korean songs for them to dance to: "Super Shy" and "Queencard". This activity posed a significant challenge for those who had never danced before. Indeed, learning Korean dance is not easy. Remembering the beats and various postures can be challenging, but they still tried their best to master it. "K-pop" holds significant meaning for Koreans and is a source of pride. Through this dance course, they gained a deeper understanding of the K-pop culture, which was a valuable takeaway for them.

Taekwondo Class

This class was conducted by three Taekwondo instructors from different countries, teaching them the fundamentals of Taekwondo. They began with warm- up exercises, followed by learning the basic etiquette of Taekwondo, defensive techniques, and kicking methods. Each of them had to challenge breaking a wooden board, and gladly, they all succeeded, earning a Taekwondo certificate. 

Visit the Busan Museum

The Busan Museum is a museum located in Busan, South Korea, showcasing a rich history and cultural heritage. Visitors can explore exquisite artworks, archaeological artefacts, and various exhibits to learn about the past and present of the Busan region. It's a great place to discover the city's history and culture. 

Visit the UN Memorial Park

UN Memorial Park in Busan is a solemn tribute to the United Nations forces that fought in the Korean War. It features memorials, statues, and beautiful gardens, serving as a peaceful reminder of the sacrifices made during the conflict. It was a very serious and solemn place, and as soon as they walked in, it felt heavy and intense. There were countless stories and tears of those who had been in wars. 

Busan City Tour

At the first, they have go to the one of the Beautiful Famous Temple in Korea which is Haedong Yonggungsha Temple. This temple is breathtaking aerial view of the temple and the coastal line and beyond. This temple is close to water edge with calming sounds wave views towards the main temple. After that, they went to Cheongsapo Daritdol Observatory which on of the tourist attractive places in Busan. After that, they went to the Shinzegae Department Store which is the largest department store in the world. It is the proud landmark of Busan and a world-class shopping hub. Then, we go to Gwangali Beach which is the beautiful beaches in Busan and from the beaches they can see the Gwangali Bridge. This view was super dazzling and calming. It is the famous attraction for foreigners to come there and see the incredible view of beaches and along the way there have many conveniences store and coffee shop and other shop.

Ceramics Class

Koreans have had a long-standing love for ceramics, and this experience provided a great opportunity to immerse thenselves in Korean life and culture. 

Gyeongju City Tour

They first visited Seokguram Grotto, a famous UNESCO World Heritage Site in Gyeongju. Next, they visited Bulguksa Temple. Bulguksa Temple is a historic Buddhist temple located in Gyeongju. It is known for its stunning architecture and serene surroundings. Afterwards, they visited Cheomseongdae, where various flowers adorned the area, creating a stunning, almost fairy-tale-like atmosphere. The final destination was the famous Hwangridan-gil. Hwangridan-gil is a renowned area in Gyeongju, South Korea, known for its scenic beauty and cultural significance. Visitors can explore traditional houses, cafes, and enjoy the charming atmosphere of this historic place. our final stop, of of the students had some free time to explore the area, so they decided to rent traditional Handbook to experience the beauty of traditional attire.

Closing Ceremony

Closing ceremony was held at the Lobby Hotel at Gyeongju. Prof Chang gave them some closing speech with some motivation word and it was so meaningful and sad. Moreover, the leader of the groups needs to give some closing speech and share the memories what we have got during this programme.