The University of Yamanashi held an online intensive course for AI education in December 2022. 10 students from the four universities attended the course. The online course aims to reduce the impact of the academic year and school schedule differences between the four universities to enhance learning effectiveness. Students can learn cutting-edge AI theory and application techniques from foreign universities while they are still in their home country. The course was conducted in a flipped class pattern that allowed students to deepen their understanding mainly through group discussions. Leading expert on design thinking, Dr. Der-Jang Yu, Founder and R&D director of Scenario Lab in Taiwan was invited to the class to give a special lecture, entitled as “Design thinking and scenario-oriented co-design.” Field work to find an issue of “distinguishing” was assigned and then team work was conducted to design the AI technology for solving the issue using the approach learnt in the class. It offered a precious opportunity for students to learn how to put design into practice.